Saturday, January 16, 2016

495/1038 - Fig and caramelised onion pizza

We do love a good pizza in our house! 

Having purchased some beautiful looking figs, it was a no-brainer to decide to whip up a super fast buttermilk pizza base and try out this amazing sounding recipe. 

Not having any caramelised onions in the house, I threw together a super quick version, basically frying the onions, rosemary and bay leaf in the usual way, but on a much higher heat and stirring all the time to make sure it didn't burn. 

The chiminea was fired up and this pizza was the first to go in, which of course meant that it took FOREVER to cook! It went in and out a few times before I was satisfied that the crust was suitably crunchy. 

The result? Absolutely wonderful. Sadly the only ingredient we were lacking was the blue cheese, which would have been an unbelievable addition, but as it was we were still very happy with the flavour. The thickly sliced figs were so soft they melted in the mouth and the sweetness of the onion was a sensation. 

Bonus of the day: leftover pizza dough which will become garlic pizza to serve with dinner tonight.

Fig chapter - officially started x

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