Wednesday, January 13, 2016

494/1038 - Boil-and-bake fruit cake

A slightly belated blog post, this was another of the things I baked for our little Christmas gift packs.

The original plan was to include a full-sized fruit cake in two of the packs, but I decided it would be better to make mini cakes and share the love with more of our family. 

I was surprised (and delighted!) to learn that the spice mix in this recipe was similar to the mix used in a gingerbread recipe. The result of this was a cake with an incredibly interesting flavour, which is not something I would say of many fruit cakes I have tasted over the years. 

Another thing I adored about this recipe was that, in my opinion, the cake to fruit ratio is absolutely spot on; enough cake to appreciate the complexity of the spice mix and enough fruit to make each mouthful just a little bit chewy. 

We have not touched base with the recipients of this particular gift and so I have no idea how they were received. All I know is that I am thrilled to have been able to keep a few for myself, which will be enjoyed with many cups of Earl Grey tea and probably also some John Steinbeck, my current form of relaxation.

Loving 2016 so far x

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