Wednesday, January 20, 2016

496/1038 - Marieke's nectarine or peach tart

I dragged my little family out of bed pre-7am yesterday morning and took them, mostly willingly, to the Queen Victoria Market. I adore the market (and if my family are honest, they absolutely love it too!) and have decided I will be frequenting it much more often. The sights, the smells and the fact that you can have a friendly word as you make each purchase are just some of the reasons this, and most farmers' markets, are some of my very favourite places. 

Blue swimmer crabs were always going to be on the shopping list and the entire neighbourhood was subjected to the smell of frying shrimp paste and then the most wonderful pepper crab as I cooked dinner last night. It was the second time I had made it and it was every bit as good as the first, the entire family swooning and covered in crab juice by the end of the meal.

I also purchased a pile of beautiful sardines and will be preparing them two ways later today - keep an eye out for some more posts very soon. Blogwise, it was an incredibly slow December but I am definitely making up for that this month!

Of course I also purchased some beautiful peaches at the market and turned them into this sensational tart. I have made many tarts in my time, some forgettable and some unbelievable. This one was definitely the latter. 

To truly understand the concept of dedication to a recipe, picture me sifting through a pile of cereal, scouting for macadamias. I only found around fifty grams worth and so topped this up with a pile of slivered almonds which were blitzed to form a part of the filling. The filling was amazing, full of flavour and where it met the pastry, created an almost chewy edge.

As I spent the day cooking (read: me in heaven), I was amused at my teenager's shock when he realised just how much we had achieved before eleven o'clock, the time he is often just crawling out of bed.

So many things to love about this day x

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