Wednesday, January 27, 2016

498/1038 - Marinated raw anchovies or sardines

Some of the incredible sardines purchased at the Queen Victoria Market recently were wheeled out as we entertained friends for a casual get together this week. 

I adore the sardine cleaning process, but confess I am not very good at it. Fillets turned out in my kitchen are generally in one piece, but if I am honest, a little ragged around the edges. This time around I decided to watch a tutorial video before I attacked the poor fish and the result was much improved. Who knew you could get the guts to come out as you removed the head? Ingenious. 

We purchased a kilo of sardines, which I have now prepared three different ways. Not bad for around five dollars! I always take joy in telling my husband that if we are ever on the breadline, I have all the food knowledge I need to ensure wonderful food is kept on the table. Feed a family of four for under ten dollars? Piece of cake. 

After eating the first fifteen fillets as a super-fast grilled dinner, the second batch was marinated in parsley, garlic and oil. Alongside a barbecue and gorgeous salad, these little fish were eaten on their own and also scooped up on biscuits. They tasted absolutely wonderful and the fact that they were marinated rather than cooked simply highlighted the wonderful sardine flavour.

The third batch of fillets are busy pickling in the fridge; stay tuned for another fishy blog post soon x

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