Monday, January 25, 2016

497/1038 - Panisses

I do love me a good, tasty chip and these certainly delivered! 

A little while ago I blitzed some chickpeas to flour in the Thermomix and ended up with leftovers which have sat in the cupboard for some time now. It would appear that chickpea flour is not something I use very often! 

The first stage of chickpea chips happens on the stove top, and rather than five minutes of whisking/stirring as the recipe specified, I found my mixture needed an additional ten or so minutes before I was comfortable that it was thick enough. I am wondering if this could have been due to the fact that my home-ground flour was a bit grainy and therefore took a little longer to absorb the water. I will be testing this theory out with my next batch, sure to be made with flour that is more finely ground. 

Interestingly, I also increased the time I left these in the oven, in the end probably doubling the recommended cooking time. I was determined to get some colour and crunch into my chips and so the extended baking time was an absolute necessity for me. Never mind the fact that we had already finished dinner when these came out of the oven. 

I adore butter, and I cannot believe I am saying this, but thought these could have done with a little less. This, from the woman who cuts SLICES of the yellow stuff to adorn her morning toast. But there it is. I did, however, think the suggested amount of cheese was sensational. 

All in all, these are a wonderful snack and all I could think as I ate them was how wonderfully they would work with a creamy blue cheese sauce. Oh yes, I am definitely making these again x

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