Thursday, May 7, 2015

438/1038 - Chicken and leek pie

Life has been a bit "all work and no play" lately and so I decided to take some time out to make a special dinner for my busy little family, and even decided to make my own puff pastry. All was going well, the dough had been rested once and I was performing the first roll. As I was rolling I read the rest of the recipe and realised the pastry was going to take FOREVER to make (roll, rest, roll etc.) and decided that my patience was not quite up to it on this particular day. 

Not wanting to waste the pastry, I simply rolled the life out of it and decided that I was happy with very buttery (but not puffy) pastry instead. 

Having recently smashed my grandmother's pie dish (devastating I know) I needed to retrieve one of the dishes I keep on top of my kitchen cupboards. I was once surprised by a dead huntsman curled up inside one and so now I have taken to teetering on a step ladder and using my camera phone to scan the inside of the dishes before I will lift them down. 

It was lucky I did! There was indeed a well sized spider inside the square dish I had my eye on and so of course that one remained on the shelf and my pie became a rectangle instead. Note to self: get husband to dispose of spider in the square dish! 

The pie was lovely and absolutely enormous so it will serve us for a second dinner tonight, leaving me time today to make a yummy dessert. Look out for a tasty sweet on the blog soon!   

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