Saturday, May 30, 2015

444/1038 - Angel cake

I had quite a lot of chocolate icing left over from making lamingtons and decided that if I made another cake it might just stop my teenager from eating it straight from the bowl.

I have never made angel cake before and was surprised to learn that I needed the whites of twenty eggs! Because my chickens lay lovely big eggs I was able to use a few less to achieve the required 600 grams. 

I ran out of cornflour and so supplemented it with some gluten free flour instead, which worked beautifully. Anybody else who is looking to make this cake, be aware that the recipe makes two of them! I filled a very large cake tin and when I realised the mixture was not going to fit, made this mini version at the same time. I am certainly not complaining! This little cake was devoured last night and we are already well and truly into the big one too. 

So lovely and light and full of lemon zest, my husband thought this tasted a little like cheesecake. Being a person who is slightly wheat intolerant I just loved the fact that it was predominantly made of egg whites and so helped myself to a couple of extra pieces! 

I am going to make this again and play around with the recipe to see if I can make a completely gluten free version. The only downside being that if I succeed I may just be so excited that I eat the whole thing. 

Life could be worse.

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