Sunday, May 31, 2015

445/1038 - Parmesan cake

This was my third cake for the week, and it was savoury and fabulous! 

I was making burgers for dinner and thought the boys would appreciate a little cheese injection into the meal. Such a quick and easy cake, this one included freshly grated parmesan, which I grated into little chunks to give the cake some texture.

My husband was away on the night I made this and sadly he didn't get a chance to taste it, with the boys and I polishing it off within a couple of hours. We loved the texture and also the good, strong parmesan flavour that came through. 

Given how fast this was to make and also how much the boys loved it, I can definitely see this one becoming a lunch box staple in future. 


  1. Savoury lunchbox cakes, yum. I expect these would work in a mini muffin tin? Might try it, our kids love Parmesan... by the slice!

  2. Savoury lunchbox cakes yum. Might try this recipe in a mini muffin tin!

    1. They are fabulous Jane! I just cooked it in a big pan so it was thin and cut it into little squares x