Sunday, May 24, 2015

440/1038 - Lime dressing

Recently I was the lucky recipient of a big bag of kaffir limes. As well as whipping up my first batch of lime gelato (zingy and fabulous!) I decided to make this little lime dressing to serve with a simple stir fry dinner. 

As the dressing was cooking, my house smelled wonderfully of lime and sweet bubbling sugar. I will admit to adding any extra lime or two to the pot and so my sauce had a pretty good zing to it. I do love my flavours quite tart, and so the slight criticisms that came from my family fell on fairly deaf ears. 

Being a bit busier than usual, this is only the third recipe I have posted for the month of May, making it officially the least productive challenge month to date. I am feeling more than a little guilty for letting the momentum slip and so expect to see at least one more recipe churned out before the month is done. 

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