Wednesday, May 27, 2015

442/1038 - Farrotto with garlic and porcini mushrooms (but with pearl barley...)

I must have been feeling really guilty because my challenge cooking has taken off this week! 

I undertook a half hearted search for farro but unfortunately came up empty handed. Not deterred, I decided instead to substitute pearl barley for the farro in this recipe, having made pearl barley risotto  many times before.  

The taste of this was quite wonderful, with the porcini mushrooms bringing a wonderful depth to the dish. Rather than cooking my begetables separately, I decided to add broccolini to the farrotto, stems first and the tops in the last few minutes of cooking.

The family liked this one, except for the fact that my husband confessed to a strong craving for red meat which I have not served in some time. Looks like it's steak for dinner tonight! 

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