Friday, May 15, 2015

439/1038 - Prawn coconut curry (in lieu of bug meat)

I feel as if I am cheating a bit completing the Bug meat chapter with this recipe. I had every intention of using bug meat but just couldn't get my hands on some in time! 

The flavour of this curry was absolutely sensational and think it worked wonderfully well with prawns as a substitute. The only downside to the taste was that by the time I got around to cooking this, the bunch of basil I had bought was no longer any good. 

In my defence I launched my new business last week (hooray!) and have been flat out setting up processes, spreadsheets (of course) and servicing my first clients. The motivation for the business was to ensure my life was completely focussed on food (and my family of course) and the service model plays to my strengths beautifully. The website is at a Fork for your Oyster if anybody would like to take a look!

Knowing that I would seriously be missing the basil, I decided instead to top my dish with even more green peppercorns and I was pleased that I did. If you have not yet cooked with green peppercorns, do yourself a favour! They are wonderfully peppery (of course) but mild enough to chew on without gagging.

The other change I made to this recipe was to add green and yellow capsicum to the curry a few minutes before it was finished cooking. We ate this with red rice which I can highly recommend for it's nutty flavour and slightly firmer texture. Yum, yum, yum.

So there we are, six chapters from one hundred and twenty five completed. Even if I did cheat a little bit.

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