Thursday, May 28, 2015

443/1038 - Lamingtons with Genoese sponge

I was never really a big lamington fan...until I made them myself! Oh. My. Goodness. They really are quite fabulous, aren't they?

The Genoese sponge was really simple to make and resulted in a gorgeous cake that was light and airy. After tasting a little bit to make sure it was OK, I popped it in the fridge and waited patiently until it was a day old so that I could turn it into lovely lamingtons.

Although I covered myself in chocolate and coconut as I made these (is that a bad thing?) the result was absolutely worth it. The trick is to add a good thick layer of the chocolate icing so that when you take a bite you get a good taste of all three elements.

The chocolate layer is simple;

One part melted butter
One part dutch cocoa
One part hot water
Eight parts icing sugar

Yum, yum and double yum.

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