Saturday, August 6, 2011

21/655 - Braised tongue with madeira sauce

Yes you heard right, we had tongue for dinner tonight!!

It tasted a lot like corned beef and as long as I kept my mind off what I was actually eating it was really very pleasant. We had a lot of fun poking the raw tongue and grossing each other out before I thought I should start acting like an adult and actually cook the thing.

I covered the tongue in stock and cooked it in the oven for a couple of hours. Once it was cooked and the skin had been removed it looked a lot more appealing and a lot less like a hairy, bumpy tongue. The madeira sauce was absolutely divine, although technically not a madeira sauce as I used port instead, which Stephanie suggested as an acceptable alternative. I thickened the sauce with some cornflour which made it rather like a winey mushroom gravy.

I was so proud of my family for eating this, and couldn't believe it when Jules told me that we must have tongue again! Lucky for him I had the butcher pickle three tongues for me this week so expect to see me working my way through the tongue chapter over the next couple of days.

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