Saturday, August 27, 2011

35/655 - Gratin of mussels

I am sure I say this every time I cook mussels, but this has to be the nicest mussel recipe I have ever tasted! No doubt helped by the fact that we were STARVING by the time I got this on the table due to some chocolate lettering I was spending a lot of time trying to perfect (see previous post). In fact we were in such a hurry to start eating that I completely forgot to add the parsley. I didn't notice until we got up from the table and I saw my forgotten little green mound sitting on the bench. As my Dad always said, "If that's the worst thing that happened to me today, I had a pretty good day."

The sauce was made of shallots (I used red onion), garlic, diced carrot (loved the carrot!), tomatoes, tomato paste, lemon zest and the wine and juices left over from the steaming of the mussels. This was topped with breadcrumbs and my best olive oil and put into the oven to cook.

We still have no idea who ate the little bonus crab we found inside one of the mussels. I will have to make this again, not only so that we can try it with parsley, but also to prove that we can eat it slowly and like a civilised family, and not one who appears to have not seen food for a month.

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