Thursday, August 18, 2011

28&29/655 - Egg and bacon pie (with home-made shortcrust pastry)

Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer my chickens have moved into crazy egg laying mode. This recipe was on the menu tonight purely because it required 11 of them and I needed a way to bring down the egg count in the fridge. The thing I love most about these freshly laid eggs is the incredibly firm whites which don't run all over the place like older eggs tend to do.

A side benefit of making this pie was that it required home-made shortcrust pastry which meant knocking off two recipes in one go. Pastry is fun to make if you have the time and I am very happy that I do! The result was incredible.

I am pleased to report that no yolks were broken in the making of this recipe as the eggs needed to be laid whole on the base of the pie. I learned a nifty way of cracking the perfect egg while reading a book written by one of my culinary heroes, Jacques Reymond. He advocates the cracking of eggs on a flat surface rather than the rim of a bowl, and since I have changed to this method I have successfully avoided those nasty little bits of splintered shell that used to plague my cooking. Trev has now been converted to this method, but not before smashing egg after egg on the table, telling me all the while that the method must be flawed. He has since learned to be a bit less heavy handed.

This was definitely another recipe I was thrilled to discover! I love this book even more now and just hope it doesn't fall apart before I complete the challenge. Fingers crossed.

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