Saturday, August 27, 2011

34/655 - Orange caramel syrup

I offered to be on cake duty for a party I am attending tomorrow and decided to buy the cake (chocolate mud, yum) and spruce it up with my own orange icing. I was not convinced that orange juice and icing sugar would produce a strong enough orange flavour so I thought I would experiment with using Stephanie's orange caramel syrup as the base flavour instead.

I am so glad I did.

The syrup is simply toffee (boiled water and sugar) mixed with orange juice to stop it from going hard. What you end up with is a rich syrup that tastes like intense orange and burnt toffee all mixed together. I mixed it with icing sugar for a lovely and glossy as well as intensely flavoured finish.

As I write this I am enjoying a bowl of orange quarters drizzled with the leftover syrup which is ridiculously yummy.

I didn't quite lick the bowl but came very, very close indeed.

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