Sunday, September 11, 2011

40/655 - Indian-style carrot fritters

The original plan for these fritters was to have them with dinner but somehow they ended up being an after dinner snack for ourselves and our guests.

The cumin, coriander, turmeric and cayenne pepper smelled amazing as we ground them together. I say we because it was very much an open kitchen last night which saw my guests working for their dinner and having turns with the mortar and pestle. It is possible that my friend Sue may now be stuck with the title 'Sue the sous' after all of the chopping and grating she did for me throughout the evening. 

The carrots and spring onions were held together with flour, egg and beer which made for a lovely, almost doughy texture. I am not big on deep frying unless absolutely necessary and so I fried these in just a fine layer of oil.

They went down very nicely with handfuls of fresh coriander and several glasses of champagne.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful meal, Kate! Thanks for having us over and preparing the meal is the fun part! Besides, I like the title Sue the Sous.. :) The photos turned out really well too!

  2. Thanks Sue, glad you enjoyed the night x