Tuesday, September 6, 2011

37/655 - Gratin of pumpkin

My boys do not like baked pumpkin (weird I know) and so before making dinner tonight I thought I would forewarn Henry that there was going to be baking involved. "That's OK mum", was the reply, "but can you take the plastic off the pumpkin first please?" At least now I know it's just the skin they don't like!

This recipe is essentially baked pumpkin topped with fresh breadcrumbs which end up lovely and crunchy. Stephanie gives the option of using either rosemary or sage as the flavouring herb. I chose sage, partly because our sage plant is beautiful and blooming, and partly because it is a herb I feel I do not use often enough. I was lucky enough to score a couple of crunchy sage leaves on my plate and was very pleased with the choice I had made. 

For two little boys who have always complained about eating baked pumpkin, there were certainly no complaints about dinner tonight. Although it was probably because I remembered to "take the plastic off the pumpkin" first.


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  2. Oooh sounds simple but yummy I guess the crunchy breadcrumbs would be a nice contrast to the soft pumpkin and it's always nice when kids are happy to add another veg to their repertoire :)

    (sorry had to repost was a typo)

  3. The weird thing is that they have always like pumpkin, just not roasted! And yes, the crunchy breadcrumbs were FANTASTIC :)