Sunday, January 8, 2012

100/656 - Garlic and saffron soup

I must admit the ten cloves of garlic in this recipe almost had me running scared, but my desire to complete my 100th recipe spurred me on!

This very large pile of peeled garlic was simmered with stock, a wonderful array of fresh herbs, cloves, olive oil and a pinch of saffron threads. Once the garlic was soft, the soup was to be strained. By this stage my fear of garlic had disappeared and I mashed the life out of it to ensure there was plenty of garlicky goodness to be had. 

We absolutely loved the soup but for the sake of our friends we think we might stick together as a family tomorrow and avoid all contact with the outside world.


  1. Hi Kate - your proud mum put me onto you and your challenge - fantastic for your lucky family! I shall be doing this garlic soup for a daughter-in-law who like me, can't get enough. Thanks for the inspiration! Love - Heather Connor

  2. Hi Heather - Yes Mum is one of my biggest fans, as she should be! Hope you like the soup, we certainly did.