Friday, January 13, 2012

103/656 - Brain fritters

This was not a quick meal by any stretch of the imagination, but was certainly one of the most interesting we have had.

I was all set to make brains for dinner last night until I realised they needed to be soaked overnight. I soaked them as instructed and then today spent quite some time removing the membranes. A tricky little prospect but I got it done and looked eagerly to the recipe for the next step. Poach the brains in court-bouillon. It was around this time I announced that we would be having a very special, but rather late, dinner tonight.

Thirty minutes and an unexpected blog post later, I poached the brains in some freshly made court-bouillon. Once poached, I laid them out to cool and proceeded to prepare the egg and fresh breadcrumbs. The entire family came by at this point wanting a taste of the brains before they were crumbed. The tastings evoked exclaims of pleasure, and amusingly a variety of zombie noises from Jules.

The brains cooled quickly and I dipped and crumbed them and then realised they needed to chill for an hour in the fridge before they could be fried. I really need to start reading these recipes ahead of time! I conceded it would now be a late, late dinner. If truth be told we usually tend to eat like grandmas at around 5pm so in actual fact dinner was on the table by a respectable 8pm. 

Brains have a wonderfully soft texture which in this case was beautifully offset by the crunchy breadcrumbs. I knew I was on a winner when my littlest zombie came sniffing around my plate hoping to steal my last one. 


  1. I want to say "sounds yummy" I really do but I discovered I was reading your post with one eye closed and realised there is no way I could kid myself.... never eaten one and happy for it to stay that way though I bet Sid would LOVE the idea of eating brains! PS Jules is hilarious :)

  2. It's not for everyone but I am very proud of my adventurous family for coming on this journey with me!