Sunday, January 15, 2012

105&106/656 - Pancakes with buttered apple

I have officially found my favourite pancake recipe! I think the trick to a creamy, lump free mixture is adding the milk warm which I had never thought to try before. I also followed the instruction to bring the mixture back to room temperature prior to cooking which I have also never bothered to do. The pancakes were lovely and thin and absolutely worth the wait. Except the first one of course which everybody knows will always be a disaster no matter what you do!

As I was cooking the pancakes I could have sworn I had 30 children and not just two. Every time a pancake was finished I had a child standing beside me holding their plate out waiting for the next one. 

The apples for the filling were cooked with butter, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. A very decadent start to the day! "Best breakfast ever" according to Jules. 

Can't argue with that.

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