Saturday, March 30, 2013

238/984 - Mojo verde (Green sauce)

Served alongside the lovely Greek salad was pan fried fish, topped with this intensely flavoured green sauce. Not a neat cook at the best of times, I certainly learned a lesson about wearing aprons whilst cooking with green things! 

I was inappropriately attired in a white t-shirt during the mojo verde construction, but it was certainly not white by the time this recipe was completed. My Thermomix also took a green battering throughout the process.

I opted to use sherry vinegar rather than red, however next time I will add it a little at a time. Once blended, I found the taste of the mojo verde to be very tart, but I was able to balance it with some more oil and a handful of Vietnamese mint. On reflection, I think the problem may have been a slight lack of coriander, my bunch being a bit on the small side. Once adjusted, the sauce was absolutely divine and incredible on fish.

But the fun didn't stop there! The next day we drizzled the mojo verde on roast pork and almost fell over with happiness. What an incredibly versatile sauce! After dunking many pieces of pork and still having a hefty swig of sauce left over, I decided to make egg bites with mojo verde, tomato and kangaroo chorizo. The only devastating thing about the egg bite recipe was that I didn't write it down. I wasn't alone in my love for this little treat, with the entire tray being devoured by party guests. 

My dinner guests voted the mojo verde the highlight of their night, and after eating it three ways I am now officially in love with this simple, tasty little recipe. Stephanie, you continue to rock my world.

Egg bites with tomato, mojo verde
and kangaroo chorizo

237/984 - Greek country salad

I have had a very busy few weeks, which included an overseas trip, and I have taken my eye off the cooking/blogging ball in a big way. I didn't realise how behind I was until I checked the calendar and realised I ate this gorgeous Greek salad three weeks ago! 

This beautiful salad was made for two very special friends of mine who came over to share a meal with my family. The three of us are lovers of good food and so the pressure was on to make an excellent meal for our catch up. I was pleased that this recipe created quite a large amount and expected to have some left over for the next day. I was quite surprised, and quietly pleased, that there was not a skerrick left after the meal! 

I followed the recipe to the letter except I did not add any salt at all. We are not big salt eaters here and judging by the empty bowl after dinner I think everybody agreed that this salad was perfect just as it was.

Monday, March 11, 2013

236/984 - Pea and ham soup

There used to be a café around the corner from us that served a great ham hock soup. Henry has been obsessed with it since his first taste and so he was thrilled when I pulled a smoked hock out of the freezer and told him I was finally going to make a soup with it.

I realise hearty soups are usually reserved for cold winter evenings, but being somebody who doesn't mind the heat I tend to serve them to my little family all year round. My boys don't mind but if truth be told, Trev is not the biggest supporter of a hot meal on a warm day. Luckily he was overseas on the day I made this, and so while my cat's away this mouse makes soup!

I was amused to read that this should be served with sippets, mainly because I had not heard of them before. It turns out they are just cubes of bread fried in olive oil. Happy to oblige!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

235/984 - Joe's spaghetti with prawns

Well actually I made Joe's linguine with prawns rather than Joe's spaghetti...with a few fettuccine strands thrown in for good measure. The small amount of fettuccine was made because I started to get frustrated with the linguine not cutting properly and taking forever to separate. I am a very patient person but even I have limits! 

My favourite thing about this dish was how lovely the prawns looked. They were sliced lengthways and once they had been cooked they curled in the sweetest way. 

The boys and I ate this while Trev was away and so there was no need to double the recipe. Which was fortunate really because it was only as I was halfway through making it that I noticed it only served two people! Jules is a sparrow when it comes to dinner so I was quite sure there would be enough for the three of us.

If you don't make your own pasta this is a very quick meal to put together, and of course fabulously yummy! Although home made pasta really does take this dish to an amazing place...