Tuesday, December 5, 2017

588/1038 - Hollandaise sauce

I made hollandaise sauce and it was FABULOUS!!!

Well of course it was. Being filled with butter and egg yolks it was bound to be pretty special, but of course I am excited because it was perfect! Silky smooth, perfectly seasoned (thank you white pepper!) and moreish to the nth degree. 

I halved the recipe because I am supremely conscious of the amount I have been eating lately and I just knew if it was good I would see an insane amount of said sauce end up on my breakfast, on my brunch toast, on my spoon..... 

A half measure was perfectly enough to serve a family of four and we ate it with a quirky little mix of raw beetroot, cucumber, leftover roast lamb, asparagus (obviously) and poached eggs. 

Sort of a clean-out-the-fridge type dinner, the hollandaise was my way of showing I had made some sort of effort. Also I figured if there was enough on the plate that excited the boys, they would swallow the pile of raw, grated beetroot without question. (It worked.)

There is a very good chance this will be my last post until next year as things are going to be completely mad until at least mid-January.

Until 2018! x