Thursday, April 25, 2019

635/1038 - Sesame and coriander dukkah

This lovely dukkah represents my desperation to cook a challenge recipe before this crazy month is behind us. It has been a mad time in my house, with serious technical issues wreaking havoc on what was previously a very organised trimester of study. So, after completing my third assignment (again!), today was a day of rest, cooking and pottering. 

Every one of the spices was toasted before being ground and as a result the flavour of the dukkah was absolutely amazing. We have already eaten it with olive oil and Turkish bread and tonight's dinner was dukkah crusted chicken with baked brussels sprouts and guacamole.

The very best part about this recipe was testing out a new method I have discovered for peeling hazelnuts. Instead of roasting and rubbing, you simply blanch them in water with bi-carb soda and the skins peel off perfectly! For one third of a cup of hazelnuts, I used one and a half cups of water and two tablespoons of bi-carb. A revelation!

I am pleased that this recipe made plenty as I think it might be my go to snack for a little while. And I do believe there is a toast, avocado, boiled egg and dukkah breakfast awaiting me in the very near future.