Sunday, June 26, 2016

521/1038 - Roux (used in a fabulous chicken soup!)

Winter is DEFINITELY here...and I can't believe I almost let a month go past without posting! 

The third edition of The Cook's Companion has some recipes listed separately for the first time; roux being added to the the basics chapter, bulking it out to a whopping forty four recipes. 

Looking for a simple dinner to make, I decided that a chicken soup was in order, and used the roux to turn it into a delicious and creamy concoction. 

One of my favourite memories from childhood is creamy chicken soup (yes, it was all about food even then!) but of course being the seventies, the version I loved was straight from a can; just add milk and heat. 

My palate has come quite some way since then and eating soup from a can is but a distant memory. My very simple version is full of wholesome ingredients and even better, is very quick to make! 

So there it was; the first (and possibly the only) post for this month.