Wednesday, September 27, 2017

581/1038 - Bacon and mustard dressing for 'bitey' greens

It has been wonderfully crazy here lately and so this is me sneaking in a challenge recipe for September! 

Our rocket has gone a bit mad which made it perfect timing to give this simple recipe a try. We generally have bacon in the freezer and pleasingly it was of the smoky variety which is exactly what this recipe required. 

Whenever I make dressing I inevitably add less olive oil than is recommended. I adore my fats so it is not a dietary thing, more a response to my palate which has decided that excess olive oil obliterates the taste of other, more subtle, ingredients. Obviously I was not on the ball as I made this and I glugged in more olive oil than I would have liked. As expected, it killed off the taste of the bacon fat which I had very much been looking forward to! It must just be my issue though, as the boys complimented me on the salad. (Completely unprompted too - most unexpected!)

In this 39th week of the year, I am pleased to be posting my 39th recipe. Not a blazing year, but not a complete fizzer either x