Sunday, September 2, 2018

615/1038 - Rosemary and garlic butter

It has been another crazy old month with plenty to keep me busy and no time at all to add to my bank of completed recipes. Four assignments in as many weeks sees me with more knowledge than I ever imagined possible regarding the rule of law, contracts, the legalisation of recreational cannabis  and the suspicious death of a philandering couple. 

So with an overloaded brain and a weary body, last night I decided to pick perhaps the easiest recipe left on the list simply to get another one on the board. I am going to fess up and admit that I completely omitted the step where the garlic is boiled three times. I just didn't have it in me. Look at me, only halfway through the challenge and cutting corners all over the place. The next thing you know I will be posting a picture of food I found on the internet and blogging about how much I would have liked to cook it myself. Well maybe not but I always harbour just a little bit of guilt when I don't follow a recipe properly. 

Anyway, lack of boiling aside, this butter was UNBELIEVABLE. Take a smoky beef roast cooked to perfection over hot coals and imagine a knob of butter oozing over the top, complete with rosemary, roasted garlic and just enough cracked pepper and smoked salt to send the flavour through the roof. The boys were beside themselves, digging in and slathering butter over everything on their plates.

After a serious bout of studying I tend to find myself in a state I like to refer to as "peak fatness" and so as well as planning many, many workouts in the gym, I also cleverly divided this recipe by five, making only 100 grams of this heavenly concoction lest it end up permanently residing on my hips.

But seriously, do yourself a favour and give this one a go if you want a roast dinner that blows minds.

You're welcome x