Thursday, August 2, 2018

614/1038 - Saltfish and avocado

What an unusual dinner! 

I had never heard of salted cod before reading through this recipe and to be honest, had no idea if I was ever going to find some. I did toy with the idea of salting the cod myself but with plenty on my plate, and the fact that I found it pre-made in my local Spanish deli, I decided it would be much easier to skip the do-it-yourself step on this occasion. 

Even after 24 hours of soaking, a water change and then a gentle boil and second soak, I still found the fish a tiny bit salty for my liking. Blame it on the fact that I went off the old NaCl* the first time I got pregnant and have never really eaten a lot of it since. As I write this I am guzzling an enormous mug of cordial in order to rehydrate and am pretty sure the boys are on the water at the moment, too. 

Having said that, dinner was an absolutely fabulous combination. The freshness of the capsicum and the buttery avocado were perfect companions for the fish and the fried bacon and onion were simply icing on the cake. 

*Sodium chloride for non-science geeks
Salted cod from Casa Iberica deli