Monday, November 28, 2016

540/1038 - Traditional roast leg of pork

November has always been a mad month in our house and this year was not any different. As such, this month was ALMOST chalked up as the first since this challenge began without a recipe being tested and blogged. I am therefore, feeling rather proud of myself for sneaking this one in with two days to spare! 

A roast pork is an absolute favourite in this house. We love the meat, we love the vegetables which are roasted alongside and we ADORE the crackling! We have a family member celebrating a birthday this month and so I allowed him to dish the crackling out to the family. I was amused (but not surprised) to watch as he gave himself the largest and most fabulous piece, of course with a very cheeky smile on his face.

This recipe appears only in the first version of The Cook's Companion, which I can finally leave on the shelf when twelve more recipes have been completed. Refer to the Venn diagram below for a better explanation of how this works!

A slow November ending with a slow cooked very appropriate.