Tuesday, January 7, 2020

663/1038 - Crème brûlée

My mum always makes a load of meringues for Christmas day and then passes an enormous container of egg yolks on to me. This year, well technically last year, they were turned into this lovely dessert and also some cheesy bread and butter pudding. 

Crème brûlée might seem a daunting recipe, I think it's the French name that puts people off, but it is actually quite simple to make. Possibly the trickiest part is ensuring the custard is cooked long enough to ensure it will set. I cannot stress enough that a candy thermometer is required for this step. Had I been gauging the thickness of the custard by eye, I would certainly have removed it from the heat before my thermometer confirmed that it had actually reached the required temperature. 

Pro tips: 
  • Stand the moulds together in a container for easy insertion/removal from the fridge 
  • Use soft brown sugar on top. It contains molasses and so burns beautifully and is delicious

As per Stephanie's suggestion, I created a double layer of burnt sugar on top. Not sure it gets any crunchier than that! Just brilliant. 

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