Sunday, June 14, 2020

683/1038 - Amaretti and coffee semifreddo

Ice-cream is a big deal in my house. We make it. We eat it. We love it. This particular variety - a semifreddo in fact - has been incredibly popular but has also been creating its fair share of angst. 

Some time ago, I realised that there are weeks that I have the energy and motivation to attempt a challenge recipe and weeks that I do not. After one particularly industrious week, I held back posting a few of the recipes and noticed that it reduced the pressure I sometimes feel to constantly move this challenge forward. So, after almost nine years, I have finally found a blog posting rhythm. And it is lovely. 

Which brings me to why this semifreddo has been causing angst! I must have made this a month ago but only got around to photographing it today. Which of course means that it has been sitting in the freezer and everybody has been extra conscious of leaving enough of it untouched so that I might get a decent photograph. Now that it is done, I think the last of it wil disappear pretty quickly.

I actually made the amaretti biscuits myself and so the entire process took a couple of days to complete. Apart from the biscuits it was a very simple dessert because semifreddo does not need to be churned - the step which separates semifreddo from ice-cream. I am not sure I got the consistency right because most of the filling appeared to sink to the bottom as it froze. Of course this was not a problem as long as one remembered to scoop to the very bottom to ensure maximum flavour. 

I did have a small serve of this when it was first made and can confirm that it is absolutely delicious and even better sprinkled with a crumbled amaretti biscuit. Definitely a good one to make for those who do not own an ice-cream machine. 

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