Sunday, November 16, 2014

388/984 - Kevin's pepper crab

My little one and I got up very early yesterday morning and took a trip together to the Queen Victoria market. Being particularly proud of both of my children this week, I allowed each of them to select a gourmet food of their choice for purchase. 

It was crayfish for my eldest, and of course thirty dollars didn't go far, buying us one little cray that was gobbled up by the family for a (very) light lunch. 

The blue swimmer crabs, however, were a different story! For a little over twenty dollars, we purchased four crabs that were destined to be the highlight of our day. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture prior to taking them apart, their wonderful blue shells so pretty to look at. 

Given that my youngest is only now developing his "chilli-mouth" as we call it in our house, I decided to include only three red chillies instead of four. I did, however, include the maximum amount of black peppercorns and I am so pleased that I did!

As per usual, I swapped the vegetable oil for coconut oil, and the smell of the crabs frying was nothing short of magical. 

As we ate this dish, the groans of pleasure around our dining table were truly amusing. Comments (in between mouthfuls) included;

“Mind-blowingly good!”
“Best thing you have ever cooked – by a mile”

After clearing our plates of crab, we all had a small serving of rice, doused in the amazing juices from the pan. With a small container left over (there was no way I was throwing it out!) I can see a wonderful stir-fry coming up for dinner tonight. 

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