Saturday, March 24, 2012

140/1038 - Fast red-wine sauce

My husband looked after the roast for dinner tonight while I whipped up this lovely little sauce.

Somehow between us we overlooked the steaming of the greens and so it was a decidedly red, brown and orange dinner tonight. My children are hardly on the brink of scurvy given the amount of vegetables we regularly force into them so I will forgive us both this oversight on this occasion.

The roast was extra tasty tonight, covered in basil, oil and oregano. My little sauce went down very well, although I probably could have reduced it a bit further. I tend to rush things when the family look as if they are about to chew their arms off from hunger. 

Thankfully I was not in such a rush that I forgot to add the rather large knob of butter to the finished sauce. What a lovely shine! What a lovely taste...

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